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First post...!

I saw a tweet not too long ago that said all phD students should have a website.

I often scoffed at this notion because... when would I have time to update a website? Isn't an out of date website worse than no website at all?

On the other hand, I've been organizing a student conference:

I realized that it can be really hard to find contact information for students and post docs if they don't have website or a twitter account. Even then, it can be difficult to find email addresses. I don't want to be difficult to find, and want to be open for opportunities - so hi! 👋

I'm also thinking a lot about the ever changing job market, and that it would be useful to be able to "market" myself in a variety of ways. A website is an easy way to do that. I after all, am I highly qualified person and have a lot of skills that I can showcase here.

So, why not? Welcome to my website...

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